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Javascript Variables and Scopes /01

Variables are one of the foundational building blocks of any programming language and JavaScript is no exception to this. But, how do they work? When you are trying to read someone else's code, including past you's code, the meaning of the variables are changed based on where and how they are defined. Let's dive into it!

Deep clone in Javascript with structuredClone /02

Lets start off my asking what is a "deep" clone as opposed to just a regular old "clone"? Or better yet, "Why would we need to know about cloning anyway?" Wow, what great questions! To answer that we need to do a review of how JavaScript primitive values and assignment works. Most programming languages have values called `primitives`. These are the most basic types of values you have to work with to create programs. For example, in JavaScript there are 7 primirtive types

About Michael Erb /03

I am a self taught full stack web/software developer. I love learning all things programming and never want to stop learning about new things. I spend most of my time coding, coming up with new project ideas, playing games, and being outside with my family. If I am not at my computer, I am outside exploring and enjoying time in the mountains.

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